Episode 23: The Season Continues...

Welcome to Episode 23.

We discuss Ibtihaj Muhammad's new barbie (great news) and Gav mentions a book of stories for young girls. Sean has another suggestion for the "boring epee" problem.

And we pick our first Coolest Fencer on the Planet!

We catch up with all of the results. Footage was hard to find his time around, more on that in the podcas, resuls from:

Mens Sabre  from Algiers:
Individual finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyvFFUjJJ4o
Team Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ9AZrQ8yKw

Womens Sabre from St Niklaas WS (Gav's pretty sure there used to be a big epee comp here too!)
Individuals (finals): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxkvFyCALNQ
Teams (Final): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJEy8aBnqDymMIcJCh72gMw#
Rest is all here on Kabcom.

Womens Epee from Souzhou
No Streams just results:
Individual: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/97/results/rank
Teams: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/452/results/rank

Mens Epee Legnano ME,
We were suprised that there was nothing for this either. Where we wrong? Let us know.
Individual: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/108/results/rank
Teams: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/823/results/rank
Note; at the time of recording Gav couldn't remember how old Berta is, he's 23.

Womens Foil action from St Maur
Watch the actions on the FFEscerime Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSjeeZaP92mdOICSXsaGdiw/videos

Tokyo MF
Again, a lack of video. It was streamed live but because it was the middle of the night we don't think many people have seen it locally. And that's a real shame considering the results ... 
Individual: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/137/results/rank
Teams: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/206/results/rank

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Episode 22: We're back, Hooray!

It feels like an age since we last recorded but here we are, it's a new fencing season and a new episode to go with it. We apologise for the delay, there's been some unavoidable production delays.

Sean and Gav have a lot to go over: Women's Epee action in Tallin, Women's Foil action, Berne Mens Epee and Women's Sabre from Orleans (featuring chocolate). Gav makes an admission...

+++News News News+++
We hear some news in births section of the sport (congrats all!) and Sean and Gav discuss celebrity fencing gear.
And here's a question: How DO we fix epee??

Streams and Results

Womens Foil Cancun
Results are here: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/125/results/rank

Check out the official Stream here: https://www.facebook.com/federacionmexicanadeesgrima/

We want to hear your thoughts.

Cairo Mens Foil
Watch the finals session here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/EgyFencing/videos/?ref=page_internal
Is there a better backdrop for any other tournament?!?

Berne Mens Epee
Finals session: https://youtu.be/F1mgO55eaD4
Check the Youtube channel for more

Orleans Sabre
Note:  this is the link to the final. To watch the L8 and up you will need to go this channel and watch each fight individually. In some ways this is a great way to present Sabre, in other ways it makes it difficult for us!!

Talinn Womens Epee
These is all we've found. (Cheers welovefencing.com)

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Episode 21: The End of Season 1

It's been ann amazing year. If you'd asked us at the start we wouldn't have predicted that we'd have amazing patrons, an amazing sponsor in Leon Paul and have an amazing time time at the World Championships. That's a lot of amazing.
No one could predict that Sean would become Sabre's number 1 fan, Gav would sing the praises of Womens Foil or that both of our podcasters would still be here almost a year later with much left to say.
And that's what this episode is all about. We take a look back at the year and chat about some of our highlights. Unfortunately this also means Gav has to get something off his chest...

Sean's highlights:

Womens Epee:
Besbes vs Kolubova at Doha GP Final: https://youtu.be/IrCiIOVvRlg

Mens Epee:
Kweon vs Novosjolov Doha GP Semi-final: https://youtu.be/GrJHz0bFL-c

Womens Sabre:
Kharlan vs Egorian Tunis Semi Final: https://youtu.be/jZCLvMHd2g8

Mens Sabre:
Gu vs Szilagyi Moscow GP Semi Final: https://youtu.be/3mrRpTX5zTA

Womens Foil
Kiefer vs ErrigoTunis Gp: https://youtu.be/69XBM2SdEkk

Mens Foil
Kruse vs LePechoux Shanghai GP Semi Final: https://youtu.be/xejoICEMyfQ

USA vs Japan Junior World Championships: https://youtu.be/nhuILeNcLXs?t=9367

Gavs Highlights:

Womens Epee:
Listen to the podcast

Mens Epee:
Minobe vs Jung Budapest final: https://youtu.be/BrNInUKrS6k

Womens Sabre:
Vecchi vs Besbes Leipzic World Championship Semi Final: https://youtu.be/BqwvMwD-f8w

Mens Sabre:
Oh vs Gu Gyor final: https://youtu.be/s_FA69rF1-I

Womens Foil:
Keife vs Ross Tunis GP Final: https://youtu.be/UehzFpQYRuw
(yes it's a cop-out)

Mens Foil:
Foconi vs Massialas Torino GP Final: https://youtu.be/O8Vl-D_UcgQ?t=3091

Fra vs Rus European championships:
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Episode 20: Leipzig Teams

Sean and Gav are back from Leipzig and have to watch the team events on youtube. Listen to them discuss what the highs and lows of the team events.

Sean asks Gav a question: there is much consternation.

This is the last episode of this first season. We hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know what you think.

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Episode 19: Our final day at the side of the piste in Leipzig

Our final day from piste-side at the Leipzig World Championships. Unfortunately Gav has had to return to Scotland and that means you're only hearing from Sean today. Today's events were the Mens Foil and Womens Epee.

It's been an eventful day. Describing the Epee as a "standard epee tournament" was even more understated than usual.

And shocks, shocks everywhere, in the Foil.


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The FIE YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJEy8aBnqDymMIcJCh72gMw

Episode 18: World Championships Leipzig 2017 Day 2. Men’s Epee & Women’s Sabre

Day two of Sean and Gav’s jaunt to Germany for the World Championships. And we're both happy. Gav gets to watch epee all day while Sean gets his first taste of live world class women’s sabre since his conversion.

The Leipzig Arena remains hot and humid and a late night of editing episode 17 means both Sean and Gav are struggling a bit. Thankfully the quality of fencing was enough to lift us from our stupor (although this had largely worn off by the time we recorded the episode).

We discuss a day of shocks in both weapons that ended with two worthy, high quality winners and Gav bemoans the fact that he has to head back to Edinburgh for the boring 9 to 5 job.

Thanks as always to Leon Paul for supporting the podcast and to our Patreon supporters who have made the Leipzig expedition possible.


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Episode 17: We bring news from the 2017 World Championships

It's fair to say that we had a horrible trip to Leipzig. Through delays and transfers a journey should have taken a few hours ballooned out into 14. Nevertheless we got to Leipzig although we missed our first day.

So here's our part 1, from Germany. Today's delights are Women's Foil and Men's Sabre. There's been quite a few upsets and shocks.

Sean bumped into Max Heinzer and Ben Paul and snatched quick interviews with both.

You can watch all of the streams on the FIE Fencing Channel on Youtube.

Episode 16: Donning the sorting hat for the World Championships!

This week is the final few days before this year's World Championships in Leipzig! Sean and Gav are a wee bit excited.

Keep an eye on the FIE Video Channel: we expect a lot of great content.

But first, success! We've won the Viveca Abrahams Memorial Innovation Award at the British Fencing awards, we'd like to thank all of you out there who supported us over the last year. Many thanks to our Patrons and sponsor's Leon Paul! Also a shout out to our sinificant others for letting us fill our houses with audio junk!

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 In this episode we mostly we gaze into our crystal ball, consider what we’ve seen this season and generally speculate wildly about possibilities in Leipzig. It also turns out we know almost nothing about the host city for this year’s world championships, given we're spending most of our time in a sports hall we almost expect to know almost nothing when we get home.

We also explain how you can get our daily reports from the individual events at the Championships (Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July). Follow our progress on social media.

You'll hear part 2 of Karim's interview as he shares his insights for the coming tournaments.

Finally Gav has been his usual nerdy self and put together some spreadsheets. Take a look, let us know if you spot anything interesting! Click here to download them.
Note: use the dropdowns to the select the events, gender, discipline and even birth year.

Episode 15: Time for Zonals, Karim talks about talking about Fencing!

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We're now focused on the upcoming Leipzig World Championships and the final round of events have finished: the various zonal championships.

Sean also chats to Karim Bashir Fencing commentator extraordinaire. This is part 1 in which Karim talks about his how he became the voice of fencing and his experience talking about the sport for a living. Part 2 follows in the next episode.

Show notes:

African Championships:
Full Results here: http://www.engarde-service.com/files/egyptianfencingfedration/african2017/

Pan Americans:
Full Results: http://www.fencing.ca/results/2017_panam_montreal/
Don't forget to watch the video playlist.

Asian Championships:
Full Results: http://www.engarde-service.com/files/hkfa/afc2017/
There's some video available for this one too.

European Fencing Championships:
Full Results: http://www.fencingonline.ru/
There's a full video selection on the FIE Video channel

And if there's any match to watch, watch France versus Russia in the mens Foil teams and be amazed. This link will take you straight there! https://youtu.be/XxBYY7eCALY?t=2h27m

Episode 14: Grand Prix round up, Sean chats with Cecila Berder

Quite a lengthy episode this time around. There's tons to get through as the season winds down in preparation for the World Championships.

Finance has been an issue for Fencing for a very long time but it seems Fencing's main backer, Alisher Usmanov has solved that.
One day, while on Twitter, Gav stumbed across a link to coaching advice from Italian coach Cipressa. He clicked it thinking it would be a simple piece about the man and his methods... But he'd actually wandered into the Athlete Hub. It contains tons of valuable information. Sean had already seen the hub but then he's seen everything! Check it out: 

If you're an athlete or coach can thank us later.

BetterFencing.com have released a really great article on keeping your kit smell free. Gav complains that his foul stench is part of his game! https://betterfencer.com/articles/how-to-care-for-fencing-equipment
SabreCoachKate joins the podcast party. It's nice to know we're not alone out there. http://sabrecoachkate.libsyn.com/

Results Round Up!
Bogota Epee Grand Prix! Then it's off to Moscow for the Epee Grand Prix. You can find the fights here on the FIE Fencing Channel: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdNA_ybrJjfkfpwSbQXrmNpiG7TO9bHh-

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