Live(ish) from Paris SNCF Reseau

Sean and Gav are live(ish) from Paris where they are both at the Challenge SNCF Reseau. This is the largest Epee event on the calendar and like Paris attracts a fine crowd of local Parisians.

This time around we have a guest presenter -Dave Baker, FIE Ref, commision member and all round good aussie bloke. Here us discuss the event from our hotel bar.

A massive shout out to our guest commentators:
David Shevelew
Calum Maynard
Patrick Jorgensen

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Watch the event here - it’s really great.


Sabre has Seoul and the Sun shines in Colombia

Sean and Gav are back to Seniors action as the hectic season continues and Olympic qualification begins. Gav has a moment of revelation while watching the women's epee from Cali, Sean enjoys an oldies get-together in St Petersburg, Gav considers some unpleasant options for funding a trip to the Tokyo Olympics and there is much sabre awesomeness in Seoul. And Deriglazova wins. Again.

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Seoul Grand Prix men’s sabre finals

Seoul Grand Prix women’s sabre finals

Tauberbischofsheim women’s foil individual final & team finals – couldn’t find them, will be on Fencing Vision YouTube channel eventually

St Petersburg men’s foil individual final

St Petersburg men’s foil team final

Cali Grand Prix epee finals (men’s and women’s)

Hello from Torun! (part 2)

Well, sort-of… We are back from Poland with our feet up, recapping our time in Torun last week. It’s no spoiler to say that we had a tremdendous time in a beautiful city watching one of the best presented Cadet and Junior World Championships they’ve ever seen. This episode covers the last few days and follows on from our last episode.

All the action is on the FIE YouTube channel:

Check out the results and medal table over on

Sean still loves his new body wire. You can pick up your own from our lovely sponsors -

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Hello From Torun! (part 1)

Sean and Gav are in Torun in Poland for the World Cadet and Junior Championships. In this first part we discuss the action from the first five days covering all the sabre events and the foil cadet and junior individuals. Italy and Eastern Europe dominate in sabre, Liza Pusztai redeems herself, Russia rule the roost in men’s foil and Lauren Scruggs does the double. Also, Torun is beautiful with a golden donkey, the venue’s immense, Gav is obsessed by lighting and sean gets a shiny new toy from Leon Paul.

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Video links on the FIE YouTube channel:

A fight with plenty of talking points (Scruggs v Pustilnik, cadet women’s foil L16) from 1hr 45 min 11 seconds. It’s a cracker:

How many tournaments???

Welcome to episode 42. How many tournaments can we talk about?

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TONS of action this episode.

Let’s start off with a bit of contrition. We missed Barcelona Women’s Epee last episode. it’s so busy at this time of the year that it feels easy to miss something. We feel bad, especially Gav who does watch Womens Epee.

We had a discussion on the role of commentary. Gav admits that he can’t watch fencing without sound and Sean observes that fencing without audio feels a bit amateurish? What do you think? Interested in your views on that one.

Foil from Cairo:

Budapest Grand Prix
Epee FInals:

Mens Sabre Padua
Mens Sabre Individual:
Mens Sabre Teams:

Womens Sabre Athens
Womens Sabre Individual:
Womens Sabre Teams:

At home with Alice & Daniele. A ton of action

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Arianna interviews fencing's most successful and glamorous couple, Olympic men's foil champion Daniele Garozzo and women's foil world champion Alice Volpi. There's been a deluge of action - Warsaw men's sabre, Turin foil Grand Prix, Vancouver men's epee and Cairo Sabre Grand Prix. Sean forgets his notes and Gav names his favourite children's television programmes. It's all here!

Warsaw Men’s Sabre

Turin Foil
Finals Session:

Vancouver Epee
Finals Individual:
Finals Team:

Cairo Sabre

Mens Sabre Finals:
Womens Sabre Finals:

Episode 40: Kruse hits the spot, it's good to be French...

Sean and Gav celebrate the podcast's 40th with a feast of fencing. Tokyo men's foil World Cup in Japan, St Maur women's foil World Cup in France, Salt Lake City women's sabre World Cup in the USA and women's and men's epee Grand Prix from Doha, Qatar. Kruse on top of the world, Borel returns, Estonia in the limelight and the French in fine form around the globe. Much to enjoy!


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Doha women’s and men’s epee Grand Prix finals:

Tokyo men’s foil World Cup individual finals:

Tokyo men’s foil World Cup team final:

St Maur women’s foil World Cup individual finals:

St Maur women’s foil World Cup team final:

Salt Lake City women’s sabre World Cup individual finals:

Salt Lake City women’s sabre World Cup team medal matches:

Episode 39: A jaunt to Paris, an interview with Race Imboden

Sean and Gav go to Paris for the Challenge International de Paris and spend all weekend working. While in Paris we met up with the lovely Arianna Scarnecchia of PianetaScherma who have kindly allowed us to share an interview with Race Imboden. While we are in Paris, elsewhere in Europe Heidenheim men's epee was in full swing. It’s a stupidly big competition and sees the first run out of the new non-combativity “Unwillingnes to Fence” rules. Katowice women's foil sees a mixture of the familiar and the new.

Note: You’ll hear some heavy breathing in the background. You’re not hearing an asthmatic pug, Gav picked up a cold while he was in France!


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Thanks to Arianna Scarnecchia and PianetaScherma for the
Race Imboden interview:

Paris men’s foil individual (with commentary provided by us.
Unfortunately the audio quality is terrible):

Heidenheim men’s epee individual finals:

Katowice women’s foil individual playlist:

Episode 38: Return of the Mamatletas

We look at the decisions of the FIE Congress (and are appalled), discuss the action from Algiers (Mens Sabre and Womens Foil) and Gav expresses his disappointment with a result that he should love… you’ll have to listen to find out why. Coolest fencer on the planet is a bit of a surprise… no spoilers! Also a large shout out to the returning Mamatletas!

We find searching Kabcom for the relevant links a bit difficult. Rest assuered, it’s all in here somewhere!

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Episode 37*: New action and a look at equality

Sean and Gav get back into action and take a look at the upcoming FIE Congress. Sean interviews the Chair of the Women & Fencing Council, Dr Stacey Johnson.

The season gets underway with the first Senior World Cups from Tallinn (women's epee), Orleans (women's sabre) and Bonn (men's foil).
But the interesting question is who will win our much-coveted Coolest Fencer on the Planet award?

Tallinn women's epee team final

Orleans women's sabre individual playlist

Orleans women's sabre team playlist

Bonn men's foil individual finals

Bonn men's foil team finals

*not episode 36 as we say on the show, our memories are not what they used to be!