Episode 8: Death to 3m Sabre! We also chat to Georgina Usher

In our latest show we:

Discuss coaching moves: We wonder, why we only ever hear about Foil coaches, occasionally Sabre coaches and almost never about what's happening in the world of Epee? Why is that? If anyone has any thoughts, let us know.

Bring you up to date with results. Not many this time around but we're surprised by Epee. Gav tries to control his glee.

Sean gets an update on the FIE from Dave Baker. The biggest news is the demise of the Russian Box of Death.... long live 4m Fencing!

And finally Sean catches up with Georgina Usher CEO of British Fencing. British Fencing has lost its funding from UK Sport. This is obviously bad news which has culminated in the mothballing of the World Class Programme and yet there's hope...

If you have some spare cash please give generously to British Fencing Crowdfunder http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/fundfencing

Next time we will prep you for the Junior and Cadet World Championships*!

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*We hope it's not held in a Bulgarian car park.