Episode 14: Grand Prix round up, Sean chats with Cecila Berder

Quite a lengthy episode this time around. There's tons to get through as the season winds down in preparation for the World Championships.

Finance has been an issue for Fencing for a very long time but it seems Fencing's main backer, Alisher Usmanov has solved that.
One day, while on Twitter, Gav stumbed across a link to coaching advice from Italian coach Cipressa. He clicked it thinking it would be a simple piece about the man and his methods... But he'd actually wandered into the Athlete Hub. It contains tons of valuable information. Sean had already seen the hub but then he's seen everything! Check it out: 

If you're an athlete or coach can thank us later.

BetterFencing.com have released a really great article on keeping your kit smell free. Gav complains that his foul stench is part of his game! https://betterfencer.com/articles/how-to-care-for-fencing-equipment
SabreCoachKate joins the podcast party. It's nice to know we're not alone out there. http://sabrecoachkate.libsyn.com/

Results Round Up!
Bogota Epee Grand Prix! Then it's off to Moscow for the Epee Grand Prix. You can find the fights here on the FIE Fencing Channel: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdNA_ybrJjfkfpwSbQXrmNpiG7TO9bHh-

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