Episode 15: Time for Zonals, Karim talks about talking about Fencing!

As we near the end of this first season we want to beginwith a shout-out to our Patrons, without you this show would not be possible: Thanks to all of you from Sean and Gav.

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Also a massive goes to Leon Paul not only do they make great kit but they have also enabled us to attend the World championships AND improve our sound quality. Pints at the bar for them in Germany!

We're now focused on the upcoming Leipzig World Championships and the final round of events have finished: the various zonal championships.

Sean also chats to Karim Bashir Fencing commentator extraordinaire. This is part 1 in which Karim talks about his how he became the voice of fencing and his experience talking about the sport for a living. Part 2 follows in the next episode.

Show notes:

African Championships:
Full Results here: http://www.engarde-service.com/files/egyptianfencingfedration/african2017/

Pan Americans:
Full Results: http://www.fencing.ca/results/2017_panam_montreal/
Don't forget to watch the video playlist.

Asian Championships:
Full Results: http://www.engarde-service.com/files/hkfa/afc2017/
There's some video available for this one too.

European Fencing Championships:
Full Results: http://www.fencingonline.ru/
There's a full video selection on the FIE Video channel

And if there's any match to watch, watch France versus Russia in the mens Foil teams and be amazed. This link will take you straight there! https://youtu.be/XxBYY7eCALY?t=2h27m