Episode 16: Donning the sorting hat for the World Championships!

This week is the final few days before this year's World Championships in Leipzig! Sean and Gav are a wee bit excited.

Keep an eye on the FIE Video Channel: we expect a lot of great content.

But first, success! We've won the Viveca Abrahams Memorial Innovation Award at the British Fencing awards, we'd like to thank all of you out there who supported us over the last year. Many thanks to our Patrons and sponsor's Leon Paul! Also a shout out to our sinificant others for letting us fill our houses with audio junk!

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 In this episode we mostly we gaze into our crystal ball, consider what we’ve seen this season and generally speculate wildly about possibilities in Leipzig. It also turns out we know almost nothing about the host city for this year’s world championships, given we're spending most of our time in a sports hall we almost expect to know almost nothing when we get home.

We also explain how you can get our daily reports from the individual events at the Championships (Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July). Follow our progress on social media.

You'll hear part 2 of Karim's interview as he shares his insights for the coming tournaments.

Finally Gav has been his usual nerdy self and put together some spreadsheets. Take a look, let us know if you spot anything interesting! Click here to download them.
Note: use the dropdowns to the select the events, gender, discipline and even birth year.