Episode 26: We chat to Kate Sierra and catch up on results

Rejoice! Episode 26 is finally here. Sean and Gav are back after the excitement of Paris with a ton of World Cup action.
We interview fellow podcaster Kate Sierra (Of The Sabre Coach Kate Podcast).

From the CIP we reflect on Garozzo making  friends with the locals while USA juggernaut marches on. In Womens Foil Deriglazova hands out a thumping (and we mean a thumping) and  to our joy Volpi seals a win! In Mens Sabre Dershwitz may or may not have been magnificent. Gav’s Japanese epee love affair gets more fuel (Ed: he's in love) and contains your astonishment as he admits he's seen a time when non-combativity was ok. Its clear in Womens Epee in Barcelona that Hugh Obry packed his pixie dust. And in late breaking news we see Cheremisinov remembering how to fence.

We also pick our Coolest Fencer on the Planet and ask you, our listeners, to help us become social media influencers.

Useful links

Paris MF teams final USA v ITA: https://youtu.be/FB7JGtJ6BRU

Katowice WF Individual final: https://youtu.be/xQdO_7vm4K8

Heidenheim (excellent) ME Individual final: https://youtu.be/Rp5xrQpidYI

Algiers WF Individual finals: https://youtu.be/8yTUrkI-tyI

Baltimore WS Individual finals: https://youtu.be/RNMvn-jgqX8

Barcelona WE Individual finals: https://youtu.be/_SI5KImqjDg

Bonn MF Individual finals https://youtu.be/vOt-CM02EUc

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