Episode 39: A jaunt to Paris, an interview with Race Imboden

Sean and Gav go to Paris for the Challenge International de Paris and spend all weekend working. While in Paris we met up with the lovely Arianna Scarnecchia of PianetaScherma who have kindly allowed us to share an interview with Race Imboden. While we are in Paris, elsewhere in Europe Heidenheim men's epee was in full swing. It’s a stupidly big competition and sees the first run out of the new non-combativity “Unwillingnes to Fence” rules. Katowice women's foil sees a mixture of the familiar and the new.

Note: You’ll hear some heavy breathing in the background. You’re not hearing an asthmatic pug, Gav picked up a cold while he was in France!


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Paris men’s foil individual (with commentary provided by us.
Unfortunately the audio quality is terrible): https://youtu.be/XkOmuvDvSBg

Heidenheim men’s epee individual finals: https://youtu.be/Nrc4EzUvAp4

Katowice women’s foil individual playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_pQQho0KExzavF_D0er_ReGbiU8zbCI5