How many tournaments???

Welcome to episode 42. How many tournaments can we talk about?

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TONS of action this episode.

Let’s start off with a bit of contrition. We missed Barcelona Women’s Epee last episode. it’s so busy at this time of the year that it feels easy to miss something. We feel bad, especially Gav who does watch Womens Epee.

We had a discussion on the role of commentary. Gav admits that he can’t watch fencing without sound and Sean observes that fencing without audio feels a bit amateurish? What do you think? Interested in your views on that one.

Foil from Cairo:

Budapest Grand Prix
Epee FInals:

Mens Sabre Padua
Mens Sabre Individual:
Mens Sabre Teams:

Womens Sabre Athens
Womens Sabre Individual:
Womens Sabre Teams: