Hello From Torun! (part 1)

Sean and Gav are in Torun in Poland for the World Cadet and Junior Championships. In this first part we discuss the action from the first five days covering all the sabre events and the foil cadet and junior individuals. Italy and Eastern Europe dominate in sabre, Liza Pusztai redeems herself, Russia rule the roost in men’s foil and Lauren Scruggs does the double. Also, Torun is beautiful with a golden donkey, the venue’s immense, Gav is obsessed by lighting and sean gets a shiny new toy from Leon Paul.

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Video links on the FIE YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJEy8aBnqDymMIcJCh72gMw

A fight with plenty of talking points (Scruggs v Pustilnik, cadet women’s foil L16) from 1hr 45 min 11 seconds. It’s a cracker: