Episode 27: Foil, Epee and Sabre!

Episode 27: Foil, Epee  and Sabre!

Full house in this episode as Gav & Sean catch up on the latest action in all three weapons!

We've had some good news. Leon Paul will sponsor us again this year so we're looking at  attending a few more events. We're excited and hope you are too! Leon Paul aren't the only cool people out there there's also our patrons.

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The Fencing action in this episode:

Athens Sabre World Cup:
Individual SF and finals:

Warsaw Mens Sabre World Cup
All of the action can be found on this handy Fencing Vision playlist:

Anaheim Mens and Womens Foil Grand Prix
Playlists are available for each event: Womens Foil GP Anaheim & Mens Foil GP Anaheim

Budapest Womens and Mens Epee Grand Prix
More Playlist action: Mens Epee Budapest GP &

Editor's note: We're big fans of playlists. It makes it easy to find all of the action and the bout collectsions are good. A wee suggestion for Youtube: make it easier to list and search channels!

Bonjour from Paris

Bonjour from Paris

Last weekend were in Paris for our yearly trip the Paris Challenge International de Paris.

For us the action started on Friday morning when Sean was on site for initial the phases of the tournament. He also managed to sit down with Enzo Lefort, Alex Massialas and Ben Paul from Leon Paul. After surviving Parisian traffic, Gav trundled into town with his photo gear that evening.

As usual the CIP was a great tournament with lots of drama throughout the day.  We managed to sit down after the major sessions throughout Saturday to give our impressions.

The event is available to stream on youtube via FFEscrime, here's the link to their playlist:

We'd like to give a massive shout out to our pals at FFEscrime for making our visit really enjoyable.

And also to our sponsors Leon Paul for helping sort out everything for us.

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Episode 23: The Season Continues...

Welcome to Episode 23.

We discuss Ibtihaj Muhammad's new barbie (great news) and Gav mentions a book of stories for young girls. Sean has another suggestion for the "boring epee" problem.

And we pick our first Coolest Fencer on the Planet!

We catch up with all of the results. Footage was hard to find his time around, more on that in the podcas, resuls from:

Mens Sabre  from Algiers:
Individual finals:
Team Finals:

Womens Sabre from St Niklaas WS (Gav's pretty sure there used to be a big epee comp here too!)
Individuals (finals):
Teams (Final):
Rest is all here on Kabcom.

Womens Epee from Souzhou
No Streams just results:

Mens Epee Legnano ME,
We were suprised that there was nothing for this either. Where we wrong? Let us know.
Note; at the time of recording Gav couldn't remember how old Berta is, he's 23.

Womens Foil action from St Maur
Watch the actions on the FFEscerime Youtube channel:

Tokyo MF
Again, a lack of video. It was streamed live but because it was the middle of the night we don't think many people have seen it locally. And that's a real shame considering the results ... 

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Episode 14: Grand Prix round up, Sean chats with Cecila Berder

Quite a lengthy episode this time around. There's tons to get through as the season winds down in preparation for the World Championships.

Finance has been an issue for Fencing for a very long time but it seems Fencing's main backer, Alisher Usmanov has solved that.
One day, while on Twitter, Gav stumbed across a link to coaching advice from Italian coach Cipressa. He clicked it thinking it would be a simple piece about the man and his methods... But he'd actually wandered into the Athlete Hub. It contains tons of valuable information. Sean had already seen the hub but then he's seen everything! Check it out:
If you're an athlete or coach can thank us later. have released a really great article on keeping your kit smell free. Gav complains that his foul stench is part of his game!
SabreCoachKate joins the podcast party. It's nice to know we're not alone out there.

Results Round Up!
Bogota Epee Grand Prix! Then it's off to Moscow for the Epee Grand Prix. You can find the fights here on the FIE Fencing Channel:

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Episode 12: Seniors are back! Tauberbischofsheim women's foil, St Petersburg men's foil and a social media storm.

Episode 12: The senior fencers are back in action with the women's foilists in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, the men's foilists in St Petersburg, Russia and, apparently, the women's epeeists in Rio de Janiereo, Brazil. Gav has some big news. Sean struggles with some podcasting basics. We interview Brazilian Olympic hero Guilherme Toldo. And there's a social media storm to discuss. Our Coolest Fencer on the Planet collects his most prestigious accolade in a glittering career. 

FIE Results:

Tauberbischofsheim women's foil individual playlist:

Tauberbischofsheim women's foil team playlist:

St Petersburg men's foil individual finals:

St Petersburg men's foil team final:

THAT St Petersburg men's foil team semi-final:

Thanks to our sponsors Leon Paul and our supporters on Patreon You're awesome!

Episode 11: A jumbo recap from the Junior and Cadet Worlds

Episode 11: A jumbo recap from the Junior and Cadet Worlds

This episode has been brought to you by our new sponsor Leon Paul. Welcome aboard guys we couldn't have made this episode without you!

Find Leon Paul here:

Gav loves the X-Change masks and we've been using their new wireless at the club (it's pretty reliable)

Sean and Gav watched the the Junior and Cadet World championships and want to talk to you about it. We really like hearing from the fencers at these large events and this time around we hear from Gaelen Wort of South Africa and Sam Moelis of the US. Thanks for putting in the effort it was a joy to hear from you.

You can watch the Junior and Cadet Worlds over on the FIE Fencing Channel here:

Day1 finals are here (for example):

We also hear a rumour.... Sean isn't pleased.

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Episode 10: International Epee and Sabre, Sean sits down with Ziemek Wojciechowski

Welcome to Episode 10! Our first milestone, Gav thought we should throw a party but that somehow slipped off the agenda. Maybe next time though as we share our excellent news - we are now sponsored by Leon Paul UK!

So we bought some new kit (which we're getting used to) and booked flights to Leipzig to bring you all the action from the upcoming World Championships!

In the news:
Yangzhou Women's Sabre World Cup results.
Seoul Sabre Grand Prix Action finals
Terrific Epee from Budapest. Gav continues his love affair with Japanese and Korean fencing.

You can learn more about Ziemek and where he coaches here:
If you have the time we recommend you attend one of his seminars. It's impossible to walk away withouth feeling enthusiastic, having learned something new. Details here:

Episode 4 part 1: Refereeing and Dave Baker's Interview

Welcome to Episode 4 part 1! After a marathon editing session we are finally ready let you hear Sean's discussion with Dave Baker: King of Spreadsheets, FIE Referee and newly minted appointee to FIE Commission for Promotion & Publicity. Congratulations Dave!
News roundup:
We find out what Yuki Ota is up to.
Stefano Cerioni leaves Russia.
We have a chat about Junior results, more on Fencing in exotic locations.


Chris Heaps' music on YouTube

Fencing - Qualification for Rio Facebook page

Yuki Ota - Fencing Visualised

FIE Structure and who's who

Episode 3 part 2: Results Roundup and Fencing in Exotic Locations

Episode 3 part 2: Results Roundup and Fencing in Exotic Locations

Sean and Gav take a look at recent results. We're in the immediate post Olympics world and starting to see some interesting trends. In addition our duo have heard some recent coaching moves, we do live in interesting times.

Our search for the coolest fencer takes an unusual turn.