Episode 34: Kate & Alex Beardmore plus Richard Kruse

In this episode Sean's interviews more of Great Britain's leading foilists.

Kate and Alex Beardmore are the sister and brother team that propelled Kate to the top of the British women's foil rankings. Kate has ambitions to reach the very top of international level. We approve!

Richard Kruse probably doesn't need an introduction. He  is a serial winner of world class events and has been the spearhead of British fencing's recent success. What a guy! Find out what makes him tick.

Massive shout out to our sponsors Leon Paul who hosted Sean and made the interviews possible! Thanks Guys.

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Episode 32 Interviews: Ben Paul & Jon Willis

It's a bit quiet with season's end and run-up to the Wuxi World Championships. A few weeks ago Sean sent himself to London to visit the Leon Paul Fencing Centre to speak with our lovely sponsors and a few fencers.

Ben Paul is one of the Director's of Leon Paul and part of the Paul family.

Jon Willis was British Fencing's top Mens Epeeist for many years and won Heidenheim. He currently manages the Leon Paul Fencing centre (which is pretty swish).

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Episode 29: The "Names" episode & Sean talks to Georgina Usher

Shout out to our sponsors over at Leon Paul. There's rumours of a new wireless project on the go... we're very curious!

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It's episode 29! Sean and Gav discuss names. Specifically Hungarian names.... it seems we get them all wrong. To help us all YouTuber CyrusofChaos has produced this helpful video*.  Continuing with this theme Gav noticed that French, french grip epee, fencer Laurence Epee. We think she is the most approriately named athlete in the sport. We're struggling to find anyone better - can you?

Sean catches up with Georgina Usher and this time it's all about her career. Some interesting insights both into the politics of our sport from her youth and also what it takes to "make it".

Results round-up

Tauber Women's foil final

Dubai women's epee individual finals

Dubai women's epee team finals

St Petersburg men's foil individual final

St Petersburg men's foil team final

*Gav is still confused... -Ed.

Episode 4 part 1: Refereeing and Dave Baker's Interview

Welcome to Episode 4 part 1! After a marathon editing session we are finally ready let you hear Sean's discussion with Dave Baker: King of Spreadsheets, FIE Referee and newly minted appointee to FIE Commission for Promotion & Publicity. Congratulations Dave!
News roundup:
We find out what Yuki Ota is up to.
Stefano Cerioni leaves Russia.
We have a chat about Junior results, more on Fencing in exotic locations.


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