Episode 28: Seoul GP plus loads of junior and cadet worlds!

Welcome to Episode 28. Sean and Gav have a ton of results  to  get through in this episode.

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This episode's big discussion is about the Junior & Cadet World Championships. This year they took place in Verona Italy. On the senior circuit our last big competition was the Seoul Grand Prix which had begun as we were finishing off our last episode.

Seoul Grand Prix:
You can see all of the Seoul Action over on the FIE Fencing Channel.
Mens and Women's Finals sessions: https://youtu.be/HEmWknrAqrA
It's one big stream but worth your time. Be amazed as Szilagyi makes everyone look like amateurs!

Junio & Cadet World Championships:
There's more footage than you can shake a foil at. We suggest heading over to the Fencing Vison youtube channel and looking through their playlists. The finals sessions are also on the FIE Fencing channel. A couple of highlights to whet you appetite.
JME SF: MIdelton (fra) v Nguefack (fra) https://youtu.be/Ik6MHLqCWBI

JWF: Ueno (jpn) vs Faveretto (ita). https://youtu.be/dIbAryOehxI
(Warning this one is a scorcher!)

In other news:
US Fencing has adopted the FIE  mandated "soft covered chest protector". This has been coming for a while but it's interesting to see a major fencing nation adopt it so suddenly. Shout out to BetterFencer.com (great article on stretching). And a big up to welovefencing.com who also provide tournament write up. 

And here's our big BIG QUESTION: How much does it cost to stream a video tournment? And what's the minimum standard you'll accept?

Episode 11: A jumbo recap from the Junior and Cadet Worlds

Episode 11: A jumbo recap from the Junior and Cadet Worlds

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Gav loves the X-Change masks and we've been using their new wireless at the club (it's pretty reliable)

Sean and Gav watched the the Junior and Cadet World championships and want to talk to you about it. We really like hearing from the fencers at these large events and this time around we hear from Gaelen Wort of South Africa and Sam Moelis of the US. Thanks for putting in the effort it was a joy to hear from you.

You can watch the Junior and Cadet Worlds over on the FIE Fencing Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJEy8aBnqDymMIcJCh72gMw

Day1 finals are here (for example):https://youtu.be/Y71_f_-znPw

We also hear a rumour.... Sean isn't pleased.

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Episode 9: Long Beach GP, The Junior & Cadet World Champs

Episode 9: Long Beach GP, The Junior & Cadet World Champs

The only recent senior action happened in the Long Beach Foil Grand Prix. Our duo discuss the highlights. James Davis and Marcus Mepstead send in their thoughts following the tournament.

Video from the event can be found here: https://youtu.be/bXlzMDXh_QM

We look forward to the upcoming Cadet and Junior World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Gav hopes it isn't held in a car-park and fails his Bulgarian history exam. The podcasters throw the runes and divine who might be worth looking for at the event. We're really looking forward to this and will watch it to the bitter end.

More information here: http://fencingplovdiv.com/world/

The FIE have released a new Video magazine. Sean watched it, liked it and offers somethoughts.

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