Episode 13: Baby News & Senior Fencing

Sean and Gav have some good news - it's a baby! And they wonder what you coul do with all of Usmanovs money, Usmanov would like to buy Arsenal with it:

The new issue of the FIE video magazine is out with a great discussion on Hughues Obry, check it out:

Then there's some discussion of recent senior events. The duo celebrate and lament the FFE's use of Dailymotion for their videos.

Seriously, go look at the Paris Mens Epee World Cup links: 

In Tunis it's sabre time for the women:


Meanwhie the men are fencing in Madrid:

And finally there's Grand Prix action in foil in Shanghai:

Note: Womens Foil ony became available after we had recorded.

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Episode 12: Seniors are back! Tauberbischofsheim women's foil, St Petersburg men's foil and a social media storm.

Episode 12: The senior fencers are back in action with the women's foilists in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, the men's foilists in St Petersburg, Russia and, apparently, the women's epeeists in Rio de Janiereo, Brazil. Gav has some big news. Sean struggles with some podcasting basics. We interview Brazilian Olympic hero Guilherme Toldo. And there's a social media storm to discuss. Our Coolest Fencer on the Planet collects his most prestigious accolade in a glittering career. 

FIE Results:

Tauberbischofsheim women's foil individual playlist:

Tauberbischofsheim women's foil team playlist:

St Petersburg men's foil individual finals:

St Petersburg men's foil team final:

THAT St Petersburg men's foil team semi-final:

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Episode 4 part 2: Results and Beautiful Fencing

We have a look through the results:

Sean resists the urge to rant about a lack of streaming at an event while Gav doubles-down on saying something daft. There's been some surprise results recently and this presents the podcasters with a challenge when they choose their coolest fencer, who will they pick?

Fencing has been picked up by the official online Olympic Channel! And as part of the deal these guys have produced some "interesting" promo videos:

Race Imboden & Serge Golubitsky go a bit "9 1/2 weeks"
LeFort "finishes" Simon

Sean poses the question: what is beautiful fencing?

We don't think we will be able to squeeze another in till the new year so in the meantime: