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Sean and Gav are joined by a new co-host - GB international sabreur Kate Daykin. Together they look at the end of the regular season from Paris (again), Shanghai, Dubai and Moscow. Sean presents his homage to Deriglazova, Gav reveals his most embarrassing fencing moment and Kate seeks haircare tips from Velikaya. Coolest Fencer on the Planet is more hotly contested than ever."

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Links to the streams

Paris (SNCF) - mens epee

Shanghai - mens foil


These are a bit all over the place but they’re all available on Fencing Vision.
For example:

Moscow - sabre GP
Women’s finals:
Men’s FInals:

How many tournaments???

Welcome to episode 42. How many tournaments can we talk about?

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TONS of action this episode.

Let’s start off with a bit of contrition. We missed Barcelona Women’s Epee last episode. it’s so busy at this time of the year that it feels easy to miss something. We feel bad, especially Gav who does watch Womens Epee.

We had a discussion on the role of commentary. Gav admits that he can’t watch fencing without sound and Sean observes that fencing without audio feels a bit amateurish? What do you think? Interested in your views on that one.

Foil from Cairo:

Budapest Grand Prix
Epee FInals:

Mens Sabre Padua
Mens Sabre Individual:
Mens Sabre Teams:

Womens Sabre Athens
Womens Sabre Individual:
Womens Sabre Teams:

At home with Alice & Daniele. A ton of action

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Arianna interviews fencing's most successful and glamorous couple, Olympic men's foil champion Daniele Garozzo and women's foil world champion Alice Volpi. There's been a deluge of action - Warsaw men's sabre, Turin foil Grand Prix, Vancouver men's epee and Cairo Sabre Grand Prix. Sean forgets his notes and Gav names his favourite children's television programmes. It's all here!

Warsaw Men’s Sabre

Turin Foil
Finals Session:

Vancouver Epee
Finals Individual:
Finals Team:

Cairo Sabre

Mens Sabre Finals:
Womens Sabre Finals:

Episode 40: Kruse hits the spot, it's good to be French...

Sean and Gav celebrate the podcast's 40th with a feast of fencing. Tokyo men's foil World Cup in Japan, St Maur women's foil World Cup in France, Salt Lake City women's sabre World Cup in the USA and women's and men's epee Grand Prix from Doha, Qatar. Kruse on top of the world, Borel returns, Estonia in the limelight and the French in fine form around the globe. Much to enjoy!


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Doha women’s and men’s epee Grand Prix finals:

Tokyo men’s foil World Cup individual finals:

Tokyo men’s foil World Cup team final:

St Maur women’s foil World Cup individual finals:

St Maur women’s foil World Cup team final:

Salt Lake City women’s sabre World Cup individual finals:

Salt Lake City women’s sabre World Cup team medal matches:

Episode 33: We cast the runes...

The dust has settled on the season, the fencers have fought and now it's time for Sean and Gav to sit down and scry what might happen in the World Championships in Wuxi, China. We cast the runes, Gav investigates the gribbly bits of Epee, Sean tries his hand at a bit of Sabre divination.

Where the stars in alignment? We'll only know once the World Championships are over...

Episode 30: A grab bag of Epee, Sabre and Foil

We talk about the Moscow Sabre Grand Prix - Queen Velikaya returns and we find out who scares Sean. Gav's been watching the SNCF Reseau men's epee from Paris. Oldies dominate the podium and Sean doesn't feel encouraged to watch the team event. And finally we look at the Shanghai Foil Grand Prix with mixed feelings of joy and inevitability. Gav's previously hitherto unknown obsession with Quavers* becomes apparent...

Our flirtation with democracy comes to an end as Sean imposes his coolest fencer on the planet**!

Video links below:

Moscow Sabre Grand Prix
Mens Sabre
Womens Sabre

SNCF Reseau Paris
You can watch it all here on the French Federation's youtube channel.

Shanghai Grand Prix
Womens Foil
Mens Foil

*Editor's Note: Quavers are a delicious cheese flavour potato-based snack. They don't sponsor us but probably should.
**Power to the people, who's with me? -Gav

Episode 27: Foil, Epee and Sabre!

Episode 27: Foil, Epee  and Sabre!

Full house in this episode as Gav & Sean catch up on the latest action in all three weapons!

We've had some good news. Leon Paul will sponsor us again this year so we're looking at  attending a few more events. We're excited and hope you are too! Leon Paul aren't the only cool people out there there's also our patrons.

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The Fencing action in this episode:

Athens Sabre World Cup:
Individual SF and finals:

Warsaw Mens Sabre World Cup
All of the action can be found on this handy Fencing Vision playlist:

Anaheim Mens and Womens Foil Grand Prix
Playlists are available for each event: Womens Foil GP Anaheim & Mens Foil GP Anaheim

Budapest Womens and Mens Epee Grand Prix
More Playlist action: Mens Epee Budapest GP &

Editor's note: We're big fans of playlists. It makes it easy to find all of the action and the bout collectsions are good. A wee suggestion for Youtube: make it easier to list and search channels!

Episode 22: We're back, Hooray!

It feels like an age since we last recorded but here we are, it's a new fencing season and a new episode to go with it. We apologise for the delay, there's been some unavoidable production delays.

Sean and Gav have a lot to go over: Women's Epee action in Tallin, Women's Foil action, Berne Mens Epee and Women's Sabre from Orleans (featuring chocolate). Gav makes an admission...

+++News News News+++
We hear some news in births section of the sport (congrats all!) and Sean and Gav discuss celebrity fencing gear.
And here's a question: How DO we fix epee??

Streams and Results

Womens Foil Cancun
Results are here:

Check out the official Stream here:

We want to hear your thoughts.

Cairo Mens Foil
Watch the finals session here:
Is there a better backdrop for any other tournament?!?

Berne Mens Epee
Finals session:
Check the Youtube channel for more

Orleans Sabre
Note:  this is the link to the final. To watch the L8 and up you will need to go this channel and watch each fight individually. In some ways this is a great way to present Sabre, in other ways it makes it difficult for us!!

Talinn Womens Epee
These is all we've found. (Cheers

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Episode 10: International Epee and Sabre, Sean sits down with Ziemek Wojciechowski

Welcome to Episode 10! Our first milestone, Gav thought we should throw a party but that somehow slipped off the agenda. Maybe next time though as we share our excellent news - we are now sponsored by Leon Paul UK!

So we bought some new kit (which we're getting used to) and booked flights to Leipzig to bring you all the action from the upcoming World Championships!

In the news:
Yangzhou Women's Sabre World Cup results.
Seoul Sabre Grand Prix Action finals
Terrific Epee from Budapest. Gav continues his love affair with Japanese and Korean fencing.

You can learn more about Ziemek and where he coaches here:
If you have the time we recommend you attend one of his seminars. It's impossible to walk away withouth feeling enthusiastic, having learned something new. Details here:

Episode 8: Death to 3m Sabre! We also chat to Georgina Usher

In our latest show we:

Discuss coaching moves: We wonder, why we only ever hear about Foil coaches, occasionally Sabre coaches and almost never about what's happening in the world of Epee? Why is that? If anyone has any thoughts, let us know.

Bring you up to date with results. Not many this time around but we're surprised by Epee. Gav tries to control his glee.

Sean gets an update on the FIE from Dave Baker. The biggest news is the demise of the Russian Box of Death.... long live 4m Fencing!

And finally Sean catches up with Georgina Usher CEO of British Fencing. British Fencing has lost its funding from UK Sport. This is obviously bad news which has culminated in the mothballing of the World Class Programme and yet there's hope...

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Next time we will prep you for the Junior and Cadet World Championships*!

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*We hope it's not held in a Bulgarian car park.