Episode 10: International Epee and Sabre, Sean sits down with Ziemek Wojciechowski

Welcome to Episode 10! Our first milestone, Gav thought we should throw a party but that somehow slipped off the agenda. Maybe next time though as we share our excellent news - we are now sponsored by Leon Paul UK!

So we bought some new kit (which we're getting used to) and booked flights to Leipzig to bring you all the action from the upcoming World Championships!

In the news:
Yangzhou Women's Sabre World Cup results.
Individual http://fie.org/competitions/2017/151/results/rank
Team http://fie.org/competitions/2017/756/results/rank
Seoul Sabre Grand Prix Action finals https://youtu.be/DMPG6hhKEb0
Terrific Epee from Budapest. Gav continues his love affair with Japanese and Korean fencing. https://youtu.be/CFFxNtwI-ok

You can learn more about Ziemek and where he coaches here: https://www.zfw-fencing.co.uk
If you have the time we recommend you attend one of his seminars. It's impossible to walk away withouth feeling enthusiastic, having learned something new. Details here: https://www.zfw-fencing.co.uk/coaching-course-2017